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​Patio Umbrellas


Patio Umbrellas

A simple element that will mean the difference between enjoying your patio and hiding inside the house on a super-hot day where it is cooler, patio umbrellas are one of the most important purchases you can make when decorating your outdoor living space. You do not want to be sitting on your patio a month from now saying you wish you would have purchased a larger or better quality one. Cheap patio umbrellas do not last and they look awful within one season. The quality umbrellas we sell here at Pro Home Stores are the highest quality, and will last a long time, when cared for properly.

Patio umbrellas come in a huge variety of sizes, styles, colors, and patterns. Gone are the days when one-size-fits-all umbrellas were added to a table and chairs set or fed through a hole in a picnic table. Today, these freestanding pieces can be placed anywhere and they have a variety of features. For example, some have a tilt feature. Since the Earth orbits the sun, the patio is warmed with UV rays at different points throughout the day. Rather than play musical chairs, trying to escape the heat, these umbrellas allow you to tilt them at different angles to block the sun wherever it may be.

Our 6 and 7-foot options are perfect for small patios or to place over a bistro table or bench. If you are looking to shade a larger seating space, then our 9 and 11-foot options should do the trick!

When browsing the selection we have here at Pro Home Stores you will also notice that there are different operating mechanisms. Whether you are looking for a wood pulley, push button, tilt, or a deluxe pulley system, we have a little of everything here. We even have some with premium durability fiberglass ribs.

Even if you love the sun, you need to be able to escape it once in a while to cool off your body temperature and give your eyes a rest. Plus, your guests will enjoy themselves a lot more, if given the opportunity to sit in the cool shade provided by the umbrella. This one simple element will mean the difference between enjoying your patio on a super-hot day and hiding inside where it is cooler.

Although patio umbrellas are designed to use outside they are not made to withstand constant harsh elements. Protect your investment with one of our umbrella covers when it is not being used to ensure it looks new longer.

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