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Top Kids Bean Bags of 2016


Sometimes there is just nothing better than making your kids feel special and feeling like the parent of the year. What better way to do this than getting them their own special place to go and relax and read a book or play their favorite game. Plus they are the perfect size for even the littlest tyke. Our selection of plush, colorful, kids sized furniture will make 2016 a brighter year for your child, and you, in their eyes, the coolest parent ever!

Listed below is our top kids beanbag chairs that will make any child happy to be home.

1. Jaxx Nimbus Spandex Bean Bag Chair

The unique shape design of the Jaxx Nimbus Spandex Bean Bag Chair allows you to manipulate and form it into the perfect chair just for you. Whether you are sitting up right with it supporting your back while watching morning cartoons or laying it out flat with your favorite book in hand this beanbag will make you happy in any way you please.

2. Jaxx Sofa Saxx Jr. Bean Bag Lounger

Sometimes a spot for two is better than a spot for one and in the case of the Jaxx Sofa Saxx Jr. Bean Bag Lounger there is no better option! This oversized version is great for the whole family. Even the adults will find themselves tempted to relax in the kid seat.

3. Jaxx Gamer Bean Bag Chair

Got a little gamer in the family? This bean bag was made especially for them! The Jaxx Gamer Bean Bag Chair is the perfect spot to lounge back and enjoy your favorite handheld video game. Its modern touch of two tone colors gives it that modern almost grown up vibe any preteen would love to sprawl on.

4. Jaxx Juju Lounger & Leo Ottoman Bean Bag Collection

Every kid needs a place they can come home to and kick up their feet after a long day at school. The Jaxx Juju Lounger & Leo Ottoman Bean Bag Collection is the best duo for any little lounger. With its bright color options you can also coordinate it with your child’s bedroom making it the perfect piece to make the room feel complete!

5. Jaxx Mini Bean Bag Chair

It’s a play on the classic bean bag we all know and love. The Jaxx Mini Bean Bag Chair is the ultimate form of comfort for any kid big or small. Its lightweight material makes it easy for anyone to move it from room to room. The great thing about it too is even after your child has grown this piece can become the perfect bed for your pet or a colorful ottoman to accessorize any room. 

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